Saturday, June 17, 2006


lately i have been wrestling in my mind, what is permissible or acceptable in terms of Christian living. Dave R. touched on this somewhat on the subject here
interesting take, i can see the point but something still seems off to me. not sure if its because its wrong or if its my conservative background rearing its ugly head.

i am leaning towards a combination of both. maybe whats most important is to focus on what the Bible says we should be doing as Christians. if we focus on what our lives should be looking like, maybe the peripheral issues that have so long plagued and marred the church will fad into the background.

although i find solace in my above reconciliation with my dilemma, another still looms in the shadows. at what point do you confront another Christian about sinful decisions they may be making? recently i have read Galatians 5 and 6.
the beginning of chapter five Paul talks about freedom in Christ and not being burdened by following the legalism so prevalent in Christian circles. verse 13 then says not to use the freedom given to indulge the sinful nature.
chapter 6 begins by talking about restoring a fellow believer if they are caught in a sin. but then goes on and tells us to be careful not to fall into sin ourselves and to test our own actions.

so where is the line between freedom in Christ and restoring a fellow believer?.........

maybe i have those chapters all wrong? hopefully more study will make it more clear.


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