Sunday, March 18, 2007


i think i am going to set a few more goals this year. along with my 40 books, i plan to blog more and run regularly. the running will depend on the weather right now. it has to be atleast 40 degrees out. too out of shape to run when it is cold. the blogging will hopefully work out. i have been meaning to write more but have been procrastinating alot lately.

last week when it was warmer i ran three days in a row. i ran pretty slow but one of the days i actually ran two miles. the other days it was only a mile. i figure i have to start somewhere. by may, i plan to have it up to like three miles. my plan is to run/exercise five to six days a week. i will be working with the soccer team this summer with conditioning/fun exercises. not sure if i am going to run on top of the conditioning stuff but who knows maybe ill go crazy.

last week i also made my first homemade meal. it was actual cooking. lots of ingredients, simmering, multiple steps, cookbook and it actually worked out. not the best meal i have ever had but tastey non the less. most of my 'cooking' thus far has been easy cooking. not many steps nor too complicated. i figured since i have a cookbook now i should branch out and try more complicated dishes. i think my next experiment will be crab topped fish fillets. sounds good but may be more difficult than my first entree.

not sure what quote will be tomorrow but two funny ones are up for consideration.....


At 5:36 PM, March 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try seafood alfredo... mmm... easy to make too.


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