Sunday, April 20, 2008

my weekend

i am a little surprised that last weeks quote has not been answered yet. this one is somewhat obscure but any other quote from this movie would have made it way too easy. this movie is a classic comedy, maybe best ever.

i saw three movies this weekend in the theater. i think that may be a record for me. not something i do often but all three were pretty good.

first i saw expelled: no intelligence allowed. it is a documentary by ben stein about how the scientific community reacts to anything intelligent design. very well made and very much worth the time. i will probably see this again. the best part is near the end when ben interviews richard dawkins, who is probably the staunchest darwinist supporter and greatest opponent of the intelligent design movement. he basically gets dawkins to admit that the cell is likely designed, but by aliens that planted it here after they evolved by a darwinian nature on their planet. this movie is worth going to if you are willing to challenge the status quo. if you beleive mainstream science without question and are unwilling to challenge that perception then this movie is not for you. i think this movie puts a spolight on attitudes and actions within the scientific/academic community that most people do not think actually takes place.

the second movie was forgetting sarah marshall. pretty funny movie, crude in some places and mildly bad languauge, but overall it had its funny moments.

the last movie was the forbidden kingdom. this is the first movie that jackie chan and jet li have done together. obviously a martial arts movie and a good one, but if you are not into martial arts movies, not for you.


At 9:17 AM, April 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine, then knowing you I'll say, Dumb and Dumber. - Troy


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