Saturday, May 01, 2010

Something from Romans

I am reading through Romans with a commentary. I think I like Romans because there is logic behind what Paul is saying. My mind works with reasoning and logic, Romans just seems to make sense. I just started the commentary tonight and it was discussing the first seven verses. He spent time discussing the phrase "obedience that comes from faith". This topic comes up quite a bit in the book overall. The relationship between obedience and faith is not cut and dry but I think it is important to note that you can have apparent obedience without faith. There are many people that seem to live good lives, even Christian, that do what they are suppose to, but without faith there is no eternity with Jesus.

The author puts it well:
"But never can we obey without believing. If obedience is implied from the beginning of our faith, faith is always essential for any true obedience. It is true that people can outwardly confrom with the demands of the gospel. All of us know non-Christians whose outward conduct appears to be closer to the demands of Scripture than that of some Christians. But without the inward commitment of the heart, such obedience is, in biblical terms, no obedience at all."

It is sad to think that some people have disconnected the two. Faith and obedience are interconnected. I cannot have true faith without obedience and obedience means nothing if I dont have the faith to go along with it.


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