Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my reading

i was reading Matthew 11 yesterday and a couple things jumped out at me. the first was verses 20-24, where Jesus is talking about unrepentent cities, which ones rejected him and comparing them to other cities. one grabbed my attention as particularly bad. i have read these verses before and i never really thought about it, but he compares capernaum to sodom. as in sodom and gomorrah(sp.). if its going to be better for sodom on the day of judgement than for capernaum how bad is that going to be. if memory serves, sodom and gomorrah were the worst cities ever. well maybe not ever but it cant be good for capernaum to be worse off than sodom. they were burned to the ground for thier wickedness. it would be a bad day in capernaum if you were sitting at home and someone dropped off the gospel of matthew for some light afternoon reading.

the second set of verses that jumped out at me was 28-30. verse 30, "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light"(NIV), im sure is familiar to most but reading the preceding verses kind of shed a new light on it for me. it talks about finding rest in Jesus. not just rest in Jesus, something i have heard before but it says those who are weary and burdened. in our society its very easy to forget that Jesus is there for us to be able to hand over what is weighing us down so that he can take care of it. even the trivial things i have to learn to give to Jesus. maybe its so hard to do becuase that is at the heart of what makes being a christian so difficult. giving Jesus everything and putting my selfish needs, desires, and worries to the side.


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