Sunday, September 24, 2006


we have had two games since our disaster against fruiport. we won thursday against grant. this game was very frustrating for me because we did not play well at all. the score was 5-1 which sounds good but in reality our play was subpar.

friday was equally frustrating for different reasons. we lost to northpointe christian 2-0. very disappointing because the game was called three minutes into the second half because of bad weather but also because we were the better team. we had more possession, better control, and were the stronger team. all they did was look for through balls thier fast forwards could run onto. one bad bounce and one defensive error cost us for the two goals. on the other end we didnt get the bounces to go our way.

i guess the only silver lining was that this was the best the team had played all year and we were missing two important starters.

hopefully it will carry on to the end of the season. ludington and spring lake this week, then fremont and the conference tournament next week. not going to be easy.

4-4-1 overall and 2-2 in conference.


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