Friday, March 23, 2007

Why Evolution 'Scientist' really get me going.

the following link:
is to an article about everything that is wrong with science. evolutionary scientist are so scared by the intelligent design movement they will go to any lenghts to banish anyone that has some semblence of imparitality. they try to hide behind the guise of 'good science', but what they are truly promoting is not even close to low-end science. why do evolutionary scientist resort to bullying(sp?) and intimidation when faced with someone who tries to give an impartial voice to intelligent design?

they have no answers.

its that simple. evolutionary scientist (ES) do not have a good rebutle for the critique the intelligent design movement has put forth. they know they do not have a scientific foundation to build a defense of the darwinian theory of evolution, so they try to build it out of thin air by calling people names and dismissing them as ignorant, crazy, or stupid. obviously they dont come right out and say that, they are usually far more mean spirited about it.

its funny, and sad, to hear the ES try to say intelligent design does not stand because there is no peer reviewed research when they know full well what happens to someone that gives a voice to the ID movement. they are treated like a leper and banished forever to the basement of science never to be heard from again.

likely more to come on this topic.......


At 11:20 PM, March 24, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"These people are coming out and invading our schools, biology classes, museums and now our professional journals. These people to my mind are only a scale up on the fundies of a more destructive kind in other parts of the world."

That's right!! Here we come!! lol

- Troy


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