Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paris Hilton, why?

i think this is the worst turnout for a movie quote monday yet. only like two people have checked it so far.

i just read that paris hilton is out on 'house arrest'. thats a bunch of poppycock. celebrities never have to deal with the consequences of their actions. well maybe not never but very rarely. i wish the penal system out there would grow a pair and stand up to hollywood. they need to set an example and let every celebrity out there know that their behavior is not acceptable.

on the one hand, i am really tired of seeing celebrities get away with murder or close to it without having to deal with the real world.

on the other hand, i know that in reality they are extremely lost and lonely people and God's love is the only thing that is going to truly save them.

what if celebrities had to deal with the real world consequences of their actions instead of the fairytale that is hollywood? maybe they would look a little closer at what they hold dear, the life they live, and the choices they are making, they will see a hole that needs to be filled. maybe when they stopped to look at the hole, for the first time, they would see that its a God-shaped hole not a money/party/'fill in the blank' hole.

maybe since i titled this post Paris Hilton someone else will find my page and answer this weeks movie quote monday.


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