Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Movie Theater Etiquette

so i went to Baby Mama this weekend. funny movie, worth the time and money. i had a gift card so it didnt cost me anything, but if i had it would have been worth it. anywho back to the point, the group behind us in the theater had a baby. not a toddler that 'might' be able to make it through a movie but a baby, less than one most likely. now i am not against people bringing babies into movies at certain times, but when your baby starts to cry, the movie theater is not the place to 'sush' to try and get it to stop crying.

times when it is appropriate to bring a baby to the movies:
1-when the movie is geared towards the toddler/young child age group
2-afternoon movies when crowds will be decreased
3-after the movie has been out a few weeks and less people will be watching the movie

opening weekend at night is not a good time to decide to go watch a movie with baby in tow. maybe the title of the movie made the people think it was okay to bring a baby?

does this make me insensitive? am i out of line here? the possibility exsists that the answer is yes to both. but i am leaning towards no on both accounts. when you decide to have a baby you give up the right to do whatever you want whenever you want. some activities are just not appropriate to bring a baby to.

i go to movies to relax and enjoy the movie experience devoid of extraneous distractions. for those of us that still enjoy going to movies, if you have a baby, please do not bring them to the movies.


At 9:46 PM, May 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that movie was hilarious. seriously. i though all the good parts would have been in the previews, but i may even pay to see it again. full price if i must. actually, i hear in iraq they have this huge data base of basically every movie ever made (even ones that are in theaters) so you can just download it onto your own portable hard drive.

and, no, babies don't belong in movie theaters. period. that's why God invented baby-sitters.



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