Sunday, April 23, 2006

Talking on the phone

im not a big fan of talking on the phone most of the time. what can i say im a guy, most of the time conversations are brief and succinct. i think its the awkward silences that make them less enjoyable for me. its inevitable that the silences will come, and when they do many times they are uncomfortable. when its family or something its not too bad but when the person is not as close as a family member what do you say? in that moment im desperately thinking of something to say or talk about but the longer i try to find something the harder it becomes for my brain to function.

that is why i think email is great. you put down what you had to talk about and the awkward silence problem is solved, atleast type A silence. it doesnt take care of type B silence, the email silence. is the lag time from writing the letter to getting a response because they are busy, or they dont know what to write (type B silence), or they are writing out of a sense of obligation because you wrote them something. often before i write an email i ask myself if they will even care if i write anything at all or will they see a response as an obligation?

maybe its just the devil whispering in my ear trying to convince me that finding acceptance in others is important.

ps. for anyone reading this who receives emails from me, its not an indictment on anyone specifically but just an over all feeling/random thoughts


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