Wednesday, May 03, 2006


so i wrote this post once already but lost it. i hope i can remember because it was good.

i have been too busy to go running lately. well, also soreness from kicking soccer balls around last thursday, but tonight i was determined to get back into the habit. it was kind of hot wearing it so that might be the last time. my goal was to run my 'marathon' in under 20 minutes. i failed. 45 seconds over. my goal may have been a bit ambitious since that would have been 25 seconds faster and i havent run in over a week.

but tonight i am blaming the wind. the first half of my 'marathon' is downhill so naturally i was hoping to make up some much needed time to make up for the second half, which is obviously uphill. also, i am usually a bit winded by the end. but alas i was only 30 seconds faster in the first half. not nearly fast enough to make up for my second half. i think every time i run the wind is blowing against me(and no its not because i run so fast). when it seemed like i was making good time a big gust of wind would take away what progress it seemed i had been making.

as i struggled to finish, as close to my time as possible without dying, it made me think that maybe running was like the christian life. as we are going along making good time/living close to God, satan comes along and blows against us to slow us down. at first we are able to handle it and keep up our progress, but the longer we go, the harder it seems to be. sometimes it even turns to a walk and that goal seems unattainable. it appears that i dont have what it takes to make it and satan has won. but maybe theres more to it than that......

i have a friend who is training to run a marathon. she tells me that the first five or six miles are the worst and when you get past them, it gets 'easier'. ill have to take her word for it since i am never going to run 9 or 10 miles to check and see if its true. but maybe that is true of my walk with God. maybe once we get past those hard times it does get 'easier', not easy but God shows us he was there and had a reason for those hard times. maybe the hard times are what we need to make us stronger and better able to handle the marathon that never ends, the christian life.


At 9:30 PM, May 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the more you do it, the more you learn about yourself. You learn how to create energy and strength within that challenge. You learn how to capture that, maintain it, and use it in other areas of your life where you've experienced weakness. Practicing strength and control everyday may not make perfect, but it definately makes better.


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