Tuesday, April 25, 2006

When it all goes bad

today did not go as planned. went in to work early so i could get a few things done and planned on staying late so i could finish and have it done. well right from the git-go things did not go my way. i left work late and i didnt even get a quarter of what i wanted to get done.

i think it can be all traced back to last night. i played in a golf league. i have not played since last summer and even then i only played a handful of times all last year. i started the night with three pars. not to shabby for me. but then...

the fourth hole is where it all went bad. i dont think since my first year ever playing golf have i scored so bad on one hole. i ended up with three bad holes. if i would have double bogeyed the three holes i did bad on i would have had a 44, which would have been great for me. so the fourth hole: one tree shot, one shot out of bounds, six from the sand and three putts about sums up the granuer of the hole. thats not all the shots but gives a general idea as to how bad the hole was for me. by the end of the hole all i could do was laugh, it wasnt worth the frustration.

i am hoping the red wings will win tonight and help turn my luck around for the rest of the week. i am going to need it since i didnt get done the work i needed to today.


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