Saturday, October 07, 2006


busy week for soccer.

lost to fremont 5-1.
not a great game obviously but not as bad as i thought it was going to be. fremont is undefeated and we did not play that bad. all of the goals we let up with the exception of a poor call for a penalty kick were from defensive mistakes. goalkeeper made one misplay and let a throw in get past him rather easily. the three other goals were due to lack of marking. not acceptable. jv mistakes that should never have happen. they did have a very good german foreign exchange player that made their team what it is. could get them in districts if we beat greenville a week from tuesday......

lost to fruitport 5-0 in conference tournament.
despite what the score indicates, best game i have ever seen the team play. first half we played them pretty much even and actually had pressure on them. unlucky not to go into half up 1-0 instead we were down 1-0 at the break. had a shot go off the upper 90 cross bar. keeper made two good saves on the rebounds from the initial shot as well. other chances in the first also did not go our way. second half was much of the same but went down 2-0 part way through on a bad piece of defending as my central defender dribbled too much, was double teamed and lost the ball with no one left to stop the attackers. it fell apart with 15 minutes left in the game. just as i was about to make the switch to put my fastest defender up front to try and grab a couple quick goals we left a man unmarked at the far post and they scored to make it 3-0. didnt see the fourth goal, trying to talk to one of my captians about a yellow card he got. trash talking, foul /abusive language and physical play from the other team goes unnoticed by the refs but my players get punished. last goal was with about 1 minute to play. first half showed what the team is capable of and the future looks very bright. as long as the team works hard and improves over the summer next year could be very exciting. as long as i solve my goalkeeper problem. i need one trained over the summer. wink wink.

won 3-0 over Grant.
lackluster first half, 1-0 lead. better job in the second half. sustained pressure, less chances for the other team offensively, and more aggresiveness in the middle of the field. should have beat them worse but our team does not have the goal scoring punch to put the ball in at will. passed well and kept up the pressure.

tri-county on tuesday for fifth place in the conference tournament. we lost 1-0 last time when we should not have. hopefully the team will come out hungry and beat them soundly.


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