Sunday, April 01, 2007

Funny yet frustrating

troy left a link to a blog and i had to comment on part of it. largely frustrating to read but i found one part particularly funny. read the whole article here:
sorry dont know how to make the text into a link. anywho the quote of interest is below:

'And what if you’d never seen a living canid of any kind! That’s the dilemma paleontologists are in when they try to assign ancestry. It’s pretty amazing, a testament to the dedication and expertise of paleobiologists, that they’ve been as successful as they have.'

what amuses me so, is that so many evolutionists take as gospel truth what paleontologists tell them an animal looked like and where it falls in ancestry. granted i am not a paleontologist, but if you have never seen an animal that you have a fossil of, how do you know if you are successful in your reconstruction of it? the above quote makes a very interesting assumption, namely that paleobiologists have been successful and truthful in their endeavors to shed light on the fossilized remains of animals no longer with us. i dont want to make it sound like paleontologists are trying to mislead, although some may do that. but its the nature of the beast of the field of paleontology that you do not suggest that a fossil does not fit into the standard evolutionary scheme. if someone wants to advance in the field of paleongology it is impossible to be impartial in the treatment of fossils. refering back to the above quote, i dont find it very amazing that paleobiologists have been successful because they are required to fit everything together or they dont get published and will not be able to get the grants that are needed to stay in the field of paleontology.


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Good call! - Troy


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