Sunday, May 07, 2006

I dont know

i am sitting here deciding what to blog about and i cant come to a decision. too many subjects but not sure if i really want to blog about them just yet. maybe on future blogs.

this week may be a long one, although the last couple turned out to be longer than i thought they were going to. i never think i am going to be busy but my week seems to fill up pretty quickly.

i mowed my lawn for the first time this weekend. doesnt take too long since my yard is fairly small. i am going to have to start doing actual work around the house soon. i have been procrastinating lately but i am going to have to start acting like a homeowner soon. mostly little stuff but not to thrilled to have to do them though.

i sometimes wonder how many people actually read this. part of me wants to have people read it but part of me knows it really doesnt matter. maybe its just good for me to type some of this stuff out. or maybe its just a waste of time.


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