Tuesday, May 23, 2006


i was fortunate enough to go to a wedding this weekend. i enjoy the occasional wedding, what makes them enjoyable is seeing friends experience the joy that comes with those first moments of marriage, but at the same time its always a stinging reminder that i am still very single.

its not a bad thing that i am still single, atleast according to the apostle paul. for the longest time having a girlfriend just wasnt that important to me, not to say i didnt like girls, but just not a priority. looking back i think it was a good thing. not sure if i was in the right place with God to have added something that would have taken greater importance. i know i am in a better place now but it feels like the time is slowly passing me by. many questions haunt me.

someone once told me i would only date someone that had the same background as me (baptist, conservative, etc.). i dont think that is necessarily true but what is most important (putting God first) may lead to someone who does share my background to a certain extent. what has been gnawing at me, where to draw the line. it seems so cold/judgemental to disregard someone based on what their priorities are. do i give someone the benefit of the doubt and hope that God does have priority in their life,even if it doenst appear to be there? and if i do and i am wrong, what will the damage be if i dump someone because "i dont think you are a good enough Christian"(obviously not what i would say but what would be taken from the conversation). more importantly, do the priorities in my life reflect the place i want God to have that would make me as attractive as what i am looking for in someone?

not only do i have to answer those questions but i have to try and understand what women really mean from their actions and words. dont even know where to start on that one. not enough brain power.


At 1:33 AM, May 29, 2006, Blogger Wags said...

What if it was a girl from Mexico who just wanted to hold your hand with no questions asked?


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