Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Big One

i went hunting on wednesday. the weather was not supposed to be good this weekend and i had to help one of my family members move on saturday, so I got out of work early and met my dad at the hunting spot. i was guardedly optimistic about the success we would have. the season has not been so spectacular so far.

since last fall, when I saw quite a few deer while walking to my stand, I always have an arrow out and ready. I was about 75 yards from my stand and I saw two deer running towards me. the last thing I saw before I looked down to get my trigger release was a lot of antler outside the ears of the deer to the left. my attention was immediately on that deer alone and the second deer did not get a second thought. I drew my bow back as I looked back up at the deer. they had both stopped 10-15 yards away, both behind trees. the one on the right 10 yards away, head behind a tree. the other deer was in front of me, behind a tree along with a different fallen down tree. as I surveyed the situation I realized that even if the big one moved forward I would not have a clear shot for some time due to the fallen tree. I looked behind the tree that was obscuring the front part of the deer and saw a small (two paper plate size) hole that was clear. immediately I knew that was my only chance for a shot at this buck. as my eye was moving towards the sight to line up the shot, the buck was off as quickly as he had come.

as he bounded away from me I was left with an eye full as I saw the full beauty of his glorious rack. as long as he had brow tines, which I assume he did, he was an eight pointer. an eight point buck is not so spectacularly amazing but estimating his spread at 15-18 inches, both of the points (G2 and G3) coming off the main beam were atleast 6-9 inches, this was by far the largest buck I have ever seen in the woods and would have been a shoe in to join the elk in my house.

the whole encounter lasted five seconds, tops. maybe less.

I was about two seconds away from getting a shot at what may be a buck of a lifetime for me.

as he haunts my thoughts and dreams, besides getting the shot off, I am left with the second best thing, the story and experience I am able to share with those that share my passion for hunting.

I think what the people that 'dont get' hunting fail to realize is that (for most) it is not about killing. its not even about some macho, im a man because I hunt, desire. its about being able to escape from the busyness of life, stopping to enjoy, and take pleasure in, the beauty of what God has created. its about spending time with those that share in your passion and excitement about the experience such as the one above.

like many times out, I did not see a deer the rest of the night. some would say it was a waste of time, I would say that it was time well spent. I will relish those moments, and thank God for every time he allows me to enjoy what he has given us.


At 12:45 AM, November 06, 2006, Anonymous annie said...

is it really that time of year already? people were swimming in the apartment pool here today. hardly feels like hunting season. sorry to say, carl, but i'm one of the ones who doesn't get it. let's enjoy God's creation, and then let's kill it. strange. i have nothing against it, i just don't get that argument. i think it's a primal thing, kill something, drag it home and eat it (as dave ramsey says). more power to ya. be careful what you wish for, though. when you get married someday i'm sure the wife's not gonna appreciate too much taxidermied wildlife for home decor. horror movie waiting to happen, if you ask me.


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