Monday, November 06, 2006


saturday was a good day hunting. i only saw one deer. but the one deer was a buck. a decent five pointer. nothing special but not bad for where i hunt. he walked staight towards me. as he got closer i decided to try and take a shot if available. the closer he came, i was preparing for him to turn and give me a chance to draw when he went behind a tree. 25 yards, 20 yards, 15 yards, his options were slowly dwindling to veer off to give me a chance to get the shot off. as he moved inside 10 yards i realized he wasnt going to turn broadside and i better try to get the shot before he got past me. with great trouble i drew my bow back as slow as i could with as little motion as possible (harder than i thought it would be to draw the bow back slow). amazingly he did not see me as i drew back, now inside five yards he turned broadside. i quickly put my sights on his chest, without having time to line up my peep sight properly i let the shot go.......we dropped him off at the butcher this weekend.


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