Sunday, November 19, 2006

Societal Constraints

there are a couple of things that bother me. well maybe more than a couple but i will discuss here only a few. from where i sit, society has an unspoken understanding of labeling certain behavior 'kosher' or more importantly for this post, what is not 'kosher'. there is often ridicule and public humiliation associated with this behavior that has been labeled not 'kosher'.

1) liking 'chick flicks' when you are not a chick
i guess its kind of implied but i like certain 'chick flicks'. i say certain because some 'chick flicks' i just cant bring myself to see. there are two main reasons. 1)they almost always have a happy ending and 2)they have pretty actresses. there is almost an uncomfortable silence when i have admitted that an upcoming 'chick flick' looked good and that i wanted to go see it. i can almost see the shock/disbelief/laughter welling up in peoples eyes. i like to go to movies, all types of movies. taking into consideration reasons one and two above, why is it so strange that i would be interested in seeing a 'chick flick'? why is there a negative connotation associated with a normal, heterosexual male interested in seeing a movie that is labeled a 'chick flick'?

2) farting in public and smell of #2
everyone does it, everyones smells, why the hiding? it always seems like doing either in public is frowned upon. like its something we should keep private and not expose other people to. but its not like we are the only on ones that have smelly ones. every person has smelly #2 and everyone has farts that are smelly. although i do have one person in my family who says they have never farted in their life. still not sure about the validity of that one. why not embrace the smell and take ownership of the aroma God has blessed us with? maybe some people enjoy the smell?


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