Monday, May 29, 2006

Ulcers, Knights, and Roller Coasters

brief review of my mini vacation.

the lost season finale was on the night i was leaving. i was suppose to make it there in time to catch the episode. we left the terminal late but still in enough time to make show time. i wasnt too worried since i didnt check any bags. we sat in the plane but at the gate for like a half hour, then we began to taxi, it was like rush hour traffic in a big city. i think we were on the taxiway for like 2 hours maybe more, by that time i knew i was going to miss lost and i was greatly dissappointed and it was too painful to watch the time slip away. at one point the captain shut the engines down to save fuel-never a good sign. by the time we had the clearance to take off we didnt have enough fuel to make it since we had to go around a storm. we had to fly to denver, land to get more fuel, then go to la. all in all not a fun plane ride, maybe my worst ever. 4 hour flight turned into 8 hours.

didnt get into leno but we did get our own personal tour of Mann's Chinese Theater (where big movie premieres are held). also took a tour of the kodak theatre and got to see the set of american idol. its much smaller than it looks on tv.

dinner at dukes canoe club. family memories about dukes but a really good restaurant. hula pie mmmmmm.

six flags all day friday. 10am to 10pm. six flags magic mountain has maybe the best roller coasters ever. surprisingly it was not too busy. average wait time was probably 30 minutes. very good for the roller coasters we got to ride. we made it 15 times on the coasters we wanted to go on.

saturday was the los angeles zoo. always fun to see lots of animals. after the zoo went back to dukes for more hula pie. karch kiraly was playing in an avp tour event right in front of dukes while we were there.

medieval times capped off the mini vacation on saturday night. never been but it was pretty interesting. lots of fun. our knight didnt win but he fought valiantly. alcoholic beverages were aplenty, must be good for the tournament/show. they hit each other much harder than i would have imagined. horses were beautiful.

overall fun trip and well worth it. the people watching factor was at about 10. many interesting characters.


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