Sunday, November 19, 2006


so much to post so little time. i always have things i want to post about but finding the time to write about them proves to be difficult. i have two in the hopper but may take some time to complete.

recently i downloaded the new aol software, or atleast new to me. i enjoy it so far. discovered XM radio. i like being able to listen to music while online. mostly just listen to christian rock and top christian. too many other stations to try and find good ones. i enjoy these ones.

had my best night of bowling two weeks ago. 174,160,188, which is not so spectacular but for me it is a personal best. i also threw a 105 just to make sure i stayed grounded. dont want to get too big of a head. hopefully i can remember what i was doing to bowl so well, otherwise its going to be back down near my average of 139.

Michigan State got the shaft by the referees in their last basketball game. true they may not have won but they would have had more of a chance than what the stripped men gave them. they should have had 8 seconds from an inbounds to get the shot off, instead they had less than 5 after a missed free throw. hopefully matt trannon plays basketball this year. if not they are going to have alot of trouble in the paint.

should i play indoor soccer next session? not sure i want to spend the money. obviously its not the playing soccer part but whether i want to spend the money to play with people i dont know. too hard to try and put a team together so i would probably play on the house team.


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